Elias & Son

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Material: beech, mirror, glass
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If you look at the ELIAS and SON tables from afar, the mirrors that are attached within the inner frames are making it seem as if you could see through the rods. The facing struts are mirrored so that the viewer thinks of it as the one further away and accepts the illusion unnoticed. Only when one nears the table, one’s perception is irritated. The viewer is mirrored and creates through his movement the resolution of the illusion. This is the moment we wanted to design – a moment of surprise, of realization, of understanding and childlike happiness to have discovered the attempted deceit. The bottom part and the tabletop are simply interlocking. The frame is made of beech wood and can easily be folded. The mirror recesses into the inner frame. The coloured glass plates create a play of colours on the floor.