Behind the LLOT LLOV brand is the studio for product and interior design as well as the producer of furniture, objects, lighting and surfaces. Since their foundation in 2006 by Ania Bauer and Jacob Brinck, the two Berlin based author designers have established themselves internationally. One of their recognizable features is the reinterpretation of traditional arts and crafts brought into a contemporary design context.

An example of this is OSIS, an innovative surface finish using salt crystals and colour pigments on wood, with which they won the German Materials Prize, among other awards. They use OSIS as well as the terrazzo GLACIER, which was introduced in 2018 and is made of nail polish bottles, for their own designs, but they also supply interior designers worldwide. For GLACIER, as for other designs, they upcycle high-quality materials, for example from the cosmetics industry. Their objects are manufactured in Europe, often in social workshops, and distributed directly by LLOT LLOV.

LLOT LLOV produce exclusive furniture and objects for private or corporate clients and also manage interior design projects such as hotels or offices. In addition, the duo has been running a shop for fashion and accessories in Berlin-Mitte with BAERCK since 2007.