OSIS Block Quadrat

osis block edition

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material: multiplex and birch
colour code: 06-40 Black Yeti
height: 369 mm
width: 1200 mm
depth: 1200 mm
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OSIS Block Quadrat
OSIS Block Quadrat
OSIS Block Quadrat
OSIS Block Quadrat

With the new OSIS BLOCK EDITION, which is inspired by the shape of various rectangular bodies and is used as coffee tables or desks, the design duo LLOT LLOV presents the new colours of the OSIS surface. Inspired by the first furniture edition of OSIS – these three tables are a further development, which present the OSIS surface very well with particularly large surfaces, as one can dive into the depths of the pattern when looking at them.

Pattern: Mouse, Lime, Yeti, Plume