stackable shelves

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Launched: 2008

Manufactured by: llot llov
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Storage space in shelves is often used In the same way one uses a box. This observation Is the starting point for the design. Objects are left carelessly while passing by rather than making any effort of placing them properly. Shelves are for placing, parking, sorting, or even exhibiting objects therefore they are designed to be open which allows a good overview of the objects at any time. Whereas shelves enable us to make optimized use of the space the organization of It Is a very personal matter and everybody comes up with a different solution. In many homes, you will find objects stored In cases, boxes, or other storing devices before placed on the shelve to ensure one makes the most efficient use of the space.

As opposed to the work environment in an office or the supermarket the arrangement at home does not need to be comprehensible for anybody but ourselves. The aesthetics are less Important when It comes to the individual use of shelves It Is simply about storing the object. ‘Out of the way and Into the shelve’ which leads to the shelve filling up quickly. Many things placed on the upper shelves get forgotten and are never used again. Current objects sit towards the front and In the line of sight visible and easily accessible. Old and superseded things end up at the back the bottom or the very top slightly out of reach and less visible.

The shelve ‘Bill’ picks up on the common way of using a shelve by randomly placing objects on It. The stackable elements form a shelf that provides containers rather than shelving space. The open area towards the front makes it easy to reach inside. Therefore the randomly placed and unordered content Is accessible but less visible. The most used things get stored towards the front the back allows you to keep what you hardly use but can’ quite let go yet.

The name has been taken from one of the most popular shelves ‘Billy’ produced by the furniture manufacturer IKEA. The name conveys simple to use without any prescribed ways of order.