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materials: ash wood / yarn
colours: natural / blue
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Ivita, Dace, and Agnes, IDA for short, are based on weaving and macramé techniques and literally take Lucille one step further. The two rope ladders were developed in llot llov‘s Berlin studio and then finalized for production during a workshop held with the women in Riga. They are not only made for climbing higher but also house your everyday objects in the hallway, office, or living room

Ivita – A slim ladder with round wooden rungs, simple and pure yarn is tied around each rung to hold one unit. The strings are merged in a yellow chromed metal tube. Adjustable in its height.

Dace – An edged ladder with a poised appearance. The squared timber beams are stitched together. With its 6 steps and wide gaps in between, it is quite spacious for organizing clothes, shoes, and other utensils.

Agnes – An impressive ladder with 800 mm long wooden beams, but still light, elegant, and almost like a shelf. Eight strings of yarn pass through the wooden boards in a criss-cross pattern and result in a moiré effect. This gives Agnes a quite dramatic expression.