nail polish terazzo

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height: 320 mm
width: 1000 mm
depth: 400 mm
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The small coffee table BOBBY is the small version of the dining table BOB.

The tabletop is made of GLACIER nail-polish terrazzo, the table base structure consists of a powder-coated steel frame.

The idea behind the design concept is that the table base exhibits the material.

GLACIER – Nail Polish Terrazzo is a material especially developed by LLOT LLOV. The new material was developed in an Up-cycling Workshop for the German cosmetics group Cosnova GmbH. The goal was to make use of rejected nail polish bottles and loose nail-polish colors in another work circle. First, the production destroys the bottles and then adds the debris to a concrete mixture. The glass particles and the nail-polish sink to the bottom of the cast stone slab and become visible through polishing.

In this way, a new interpretation of colourful terrazzo comes into being, a material that can be used in the kitchen, like shelves, in a bar or on the floor. Our dining table BOB and our low table BOBBY, as well as our lamp 25/25, are produced with this new material.